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SMTI India offers an online stock market course to learn the stock market game, share trading tactics, and share market psychology with a simplistic approach.We train our members to master in trading stocks like a professional. We teach you how to get started with the stock market, tools and techniques and to increase the profits. Learn the techniques to trade stocks confidently and profitably by joining our various courses.

Stock Market Training Institute in India is an ISO certified and renowned share market training institute in Gurgaon. Started by an active investor Dr. Seema Jain, the institute strives to create an ecosystem where every individual can take charge of his own investments and wealth creation in the share market. It boasts a wide array of classroom and online courses to groom the learners for a sustainable profitability in stock trading.

With comprehensive courses, we are committed to provide basic to expert level of knowledge about how the stock prices move. We have adopted an innovative approach of combining a small portion of theory with bigger ratio of implementation in real-time stock market projects. It helps the learners to gain real-world exposure and manage market risks for better profitability.

Whether you’re planning to make a career in stock trading or control your own investments, we make this journey the most rewarding one for you! At SMTI India, we believe nothing can be the biggest weapon than knowledge. We are dedicated to offering excellent share market training in Gurgaon, backed by an exceptional quality and professional trading skills. We envision to make it fair for every investor to gain good rewards with their intellectual stock trading skills. We endeavor to develop ethical trading techniques in the learners to maximize profitability and lower the investment risks to bring sustainable growth.

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"Live Webinars helped me to shine a light into the dark corners of my knowledge gaps. I can now develop apps more confidently with the new knowledge I gained here."

Seema Mehta

" This Webinars offers in person training with ample online support and continuing educational tools. The instructors are very seasoned with a lot of depth of knowledge and experience. "

Praveen Sinha
software developer