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Best Career Opportunities in Stock Trading

Share market is expanding day by day. With availability of lucrative income options, the market has opened up several career opportunities for those learning stock trading professionally. It is not targeted to a specific field of individuals. Whether the background is in humanities, science or commerce, anybody can pursue stock trading courses and become an expert trader. 
Stock market has plethora of career options. People can opt to obtain a highly payable job at any established stock broking firm to gain real-time exposure in share market. On the other hand, they can work independently or start a share trading firm to offer innovative services in Indian share market.

Let’s discuss a few excellent career opportunities in stock trading in detail:

Stock Broker

Stock brokers are also known as investment brokers and they act as an intermediary between your investment and securities. They buy and sell shares on behalf of the clients and take complete charge of evaluating the performance of the market. Becoming a stock broker involves responsibilities that can help in receiving maximised profitability in return of the client’s investments. Their basic role involves analysing the market trends and situation and identifying the relevant investment opportunities to help the clients in making sound investment.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor’s sole aim is to achieve the financial goals of the client. Being professional in deciding the best investment options, financial advisors use their knowledge and expertise to develop a course of action in complex investment matters.  Their job role is not restricted to securities and bonds. Infact, they help you with every decision concerning your finances. Additionally, financial advisors keep a track on your financial history to know your risk capacity on the basis of which they create profitable investments plans and strategy.

Financial Analyst

Financial analyst is one of the most desirable roles in stock trading as well as financial industry. With sound background in finance, they examine financial information and data of share market to help the investors take right trading decisions. They assess the overall outlook the market and provide recommendations on when to buy or sell the stocks of a company. It is a high-paying career option that requires strong competency and mindset to anticipate profits and losses.

Research Analyst

Research analysts work on buying-side and selling-side. They are professional in creating reports on securities and investments for companies. Usually employed with investment banks and stock trading firms, the research analysts recommend stocks for investments. It’s a lucrative career option in which any individual can work as an independent research analyst or with a company at a highly payable salary. 

The stock trading market in India is in its growth phase and always in need for talented professional to join the workforce. Individuals having specialised knowledge are critically needed to fill the gap in the securities market. The aforementioned job roles are considered to offer the best career opportunities in stock trading. Furthermore, if you are planning to give a big shot to your career in this industry, it is always advisable to have an in-depth understanding on how stock trading works and possess sound analytical skills as an advantage.

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