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Our intensive stock trading courses result in improved profits and brings long-term sustainability in income.


We have certified stock trading trainers who impart in-depth skills and help the learners become professional stock traders.


Our online stock trading courses are easily accessible for every learner and extremely affordable in the market.

Stock trading courses

SMTIIndia is one of the best share market training institute in Gurgaon. We have designed intensive online stock trading courses that transforms the learners into professional stock traders. It provides a clear pathway to attaining financial freedom for their own investments through sound training and knowledge. Our systematic and practical training approach help the learners in achieving immediate and long- term return on their investment with consistency in profitability.

Guided by Dr. Seema Jain (Ph.D. IIT Delhi), the trainers instil sound trading principles and fundamentals to clear the basics of trading. They further share the strategic techniques and tools to create and retain the wealth for long-term period.


Make informed investment decisions across equity, commodity, and currency segments with our specific event-based daily,
weekly, and monthly reports.

All In One Trading Course
Rs. 29,999/-
    • Intensive training for 3 weeks
    • Additional 3 LIVE classes for 6 months to understand stock market nuances
    • Expert training course for beginner, intermediate and expert level of knowledge
    • Expertise in Intraday and Positional Trading
    • Detailed knowledge on Entry/Exit and stock trend identification
    • Market Screeners to identify stocks
Commodity Pure Profit Course
Rs. 24,999/-
    • Commodity Expert course from Beginner to Expert level of knowledge
    • Intensive training for 1 week
    • Additional 1 LIVE class for 3 months to understand Commodity market nuances
    • Detailed technical analysis
    • Knowledge on Entry/Exit and profit booking
    • Customised set-ups for Commodity trading
Pro-intraday Course
Rs. 117,999/-
    • Positional trading, Intraday trading, Technical analysis and Stock selection
    • Intensive training for 3 months in LIVE market
    • Customised private scanners to scan stocks
    • Lessons on money and risk management
    • Opportunity to generate consistent income
    • Professional and full-service Supprt
Market Profile Combo Course
Rs. 34,999/-
    • LIVE 1-month classes on Intra-day Banknifty options trading
    • Involves quick money recovery
    • Free access to Market Profile, Volume Profile and Order Flow charts
    • Tips to reduce risks involved in trading
    • Master to trade in any instrument
    • Accurate Entry/Exit knowledge
    • You will get our Trade Setup for Scalping
Master Trading Course
Rs. 149,999/-
    • Comprehensive course to master Intraday, Positional and Commodity trading
    • Involves technical analysis of Commodity Trading
    • Involves detailed Market Profile Analysis
    • Volume Profile analysis to identity long-term buyers and sellers through volumes
    • Dedicated 1-week training on Order Flow Analysis
Smart Money Multiplier Course
Rs. 34,999/-
    • 3-4 Weeks Intense Live Classes
    • You Can Repeat The Course Up-To Next 6 months
    • 6 Months Live Support
    • Members Will Be Part Of StockPro's Forum.
    • Post Completion Of The Classes, 1 WEEK LIVE trading sessions
    • Premium Intraday & Positional Calls to the course Members For 3 Months



LIVE classes to attain real- world exposure to deal with market challenges and risks.


Get trained by certified and seasoned traders to attain ultimate value- based learning.


Comprehensive and challenging curriculum to stay ahead in the stock market.


Approach to personalised learning recognises strengths and weaknesses of learners.


Proven track record of helping learners attain financial freedom while trading anytime from anywhere.


Discover powerful tools and techniques to become master in online stock trading market.


SMTIIndia is spearheaded by an active investor – Dr. Seema Jain. She founded SMTIIndia with a sole aim to provide financial freedom to stock market investors. With real-time live training set-up, we are recognised as the most trusted share market training institute in Gurgaon. Our extensive training programs are career- oriented and specifically designed to bring financial independence.

Our sophisticated web-based training model offers interactive and engaging learning culture that results in obtaining better hands-on experience. Additionally, our stock market trainers are expert in sharing up-to-date strategies to combat real-time market challenges and result in maximised profitability.

Enrol with SMTIIndia and give a new shape to your investment decisions.


SMTIIndia offers comprehensive knowledge about stock and commodity trading while instilling professional trading techniques in them. Our wide range of benefits include:

Free stock trading lessons !!

Stay up-to date with our free stock market lessons that offers professional and high-quality education of stock market, trading practices and strategies.

Client Testimonials

Make informed investment decisions across equity, commodity, and currency segments with our specific event-based daily,
weekly, and monthly reports.

"Live Webinars helped me to shine a light into the dark corners of my knowledge gaps. I can now trade more confidently with the knowledge of WHY markets move."

Seema Mehta

" Made ₹10,000 in first week , This Webinars offers in person training with ample online support and continuing educational tools. The instructors are very seasoned with a lot of depth of knowledge and experience. "

Praveen Sinha
Frequently ask
Why should I invest in the stock market?

Stocks are one of the best and simplest options to invest your hard-earned money. With high return potential to your annual investing, the stock market makes your money grow that directly leads to wealth creation. Moreover, stocks possess high liquidity and versatility with a sense of ownership while keeping a transparent track of your investments. Unlike other investment options or products available in the market, stocks provide an excellent opportunity to grow your money in a short period.

Where do I find stock related information?

The internet is full of sources that provide stock related information within a single click. Many financial and stock broking websites show reliable information on the movement of stocks and updated news on the share market. Additionally, you can go through financial newspapers and new channels for stock market trends and announcements. REQUENTLY ASK

What are the stock recommendations?

Investing in the stock market can be tricky. Especially, when you are a beginner or lack the knowledge of how the stock market works. It requires powerful techniques to conduct market research before making a decision to invest. Many stock broking firms conduct research on market trends, stock movements, current valuation, economic conditions, etc. to identify the best stocks for investment. Basis the public data provided by the Reserve Bank of India and other market experts, the brokers and analysts recommend buying and selling of stocks.

What is Technical Analysis in share market?

The technical analysis in the share market is an attempt to anticipate the pricing and movement of stocks providing information that must result in profit generation. Many stockbrokers and analysts use specific tools to identify the right strategy to enter or exit stocks. With the use of relevant statistical data, they identify trading opportunities for maximized earning.

Can this site help me to make money?

Yes, this website can help you with stock trading tips, Nifty Analysis, and BankNifty Analysis. Moreover, our extensive stock market programs and courses can help you master the techniques to employ a powerful strategy for profitable trading.

Can you give me an entry & exit level?

Yes, we can give you expert consultation on the entry and exit level. It depends on the purpose and investment you want to make. Thus, we suggest you get in touch with our trading experts who can assist in making the right decisions.

What is the support I can expect from you?

We have a versatile team of stock trading experts. They can provide all-round support on Intraday, Positional, and Commodity trading. Additionally, they are seasoned in market analysis, volume profile, and order flow analysis that can help in reducing the impact of risk and maximize the probability of profitability.

I do not know whether I am a Short- term Trader or a Long- term Trader?

Before putting your money in the share market, it is imperative to know whether you want to become a short-term trader or a long -term trader. You can understand this in detail by having a one-on-one interaction with our stock trading experts. They can offer you the best possible suggestion to trade in this volatile market.