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Classroom Course is a three weeks intensive online stock trading course for beginners. It specifically emphasises on making the learners an expert in Intraday and Positional trading. Our flexible approach of training provides in-depth knowledge about stock trading including market uncertainties, challenges and effective strategies to manage market risks for generating consistent profits.

It is an instructor- led online program that facilitates interactive and learning- based sessions. Followed by 3 LIVE classes for 6 months, the course helps in attaining hands-on experience in the stock market. It also includes powerful market screeners specifically designed to help the learners identify stocks and investment opportunities in the market.


An intensive course designed specifically for beginners to make them expert in Intraday and Positional Trading. It is a three-weeks online course encompassing all important aspects of stock trading to generate profitable income. It aims to impart powerful trading techniques based on the ground of technical and market analytics for better exposure of the learners.

Offered by the best share market training institute in Gurgaon, the learners can become self-proficient in dealing with the uncertainties and risks persisting in the stock market. The learners also get consistent with the technique of making money for every investment they make. Thus, by formulating and implementing sound strategies in the stock market, the learners can earn for the rest of their life.

Key Takeaways
Unique StockPro Intraday Setup

The learners are provided with a special Intraday setup to start- off with technical analysis. It is developed by Dr. Seema Jain, the Founder of the best stock market training institute in Gurgaon, after 15 years of long research and experience.

Powerful Intraday Strategies

For a profitable stock trading, the learners can take advantage of over 5000 sound strategies that have proven to create consistent profit making for investors and stock brokers in the share trading ecosystem.

Identification of Stocks

Our intensive All in One Trading course also provides access to special stock screeners to identify the most suitable and profitable stocks for investment.

Market trends Identification

With thorough understanding of graphs and patterns, learners are able to identify the market trends that can help in avoiding risks and unnecessary losses while making them acquire quality trading experience.

Enter and Exit Strategies

Backed by a thorough market research and technical analysis, the learners are taught about the right techniques to enter in stocks, generate instant profits and make exit.

Who can enrol for the course?

We at SMTIIndia, aim to empower each individual to take the charge of their own investment. All in One trading Course is open for individuals who are planning to make their career in the domain of stock market; make investment in stocks for additional wealth creation; businessmen; housewives; stock brokers and many among others. All they need to possess is the interest and dedication in learning to trade and developing skills.

What's included:

All in One Trading Course is one of the best online stock trading courses suitable for beginners. Apart from learning the technical trading skills, market behaviour and stock identification, learners get the access to the following to reach the peak of their trading potential:

  • Unique StockPro Setup
  • 6 Months Research Call Suppport
  • 1 Year Live Q&A Support
  • Private Group Access
  • Full Recorded Coursework
  • Customized Screeners
Lessons: ( 50 )
NFTY 01 - Introduction to Nifty 30:46 Hrs
NFTY 02 - Nifty and its correlation with its secto 21:27 Hrs
NFTY 03 - Nifty’s historical data of range, PE rat 38:26 Hrs
NFTY 04 - Research Homework on Nifty 06:37 Hrs
NFTY 05 - Research Homework Solution 11:43 Hrs
NFTY 06 - Factors that decide the nifty movement 30:46 Hrs
NFTY 07 - Important money making Candle Stick Patt 01:19:28 Hrs
Best Stock Market Training Course for Beginners Online

Designed by the stock market experts, All in One Trading is one of the Best Stock Market Training Courses for Beginners online. It is suitable for those planning to step into the world of stock trading and make a profitable source of income for their life. It helps the learners in attaining in-depth and technical knowledge about how stock market functions. It covers all basic fundamentals of Intraday and Positional trading, market sentiments and trends.

The best stock market training course for beginners also helps the learners in anticipating the risks and challenges persisting in share market. With LIVE training sessions, learners are able to identify their entry and exist levels which reduces the chances of losses. Moreover, the All in One Trading Course instils the skills of formulating powerful strategies to manage risks and maximise profit for every investment they make. The module of the course covers 50 extensive lessons of share market that can transform any beginner into an expert stock trader.

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Make informed investment decisions across equity, commodity, and currency segments with our specific event-based daily,
weekly, and monthly reports.

"Live Webinars helped me to shine a light into the dark corners of my knowledge gaps. I can now trade more confidently with the knowledge of WHY markets move."

Seema Mehta

" Made ₹10,000 in first week , This Webinars offers in person training with ample online support and continuing educational tools. The instructors are very seasoned with a lot of depth of knowledge and experience. "

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