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Take the advantage of Intraday volatility and become a stock trading expert with our exclusive Pro Intraday Course. Structured by stock trading experts, the course is one of a kind in the market that could be the game changer in the world of Intraday trading. It imparts absolutely fresh strategies and unique techniques of trading for maximised and sustainable profitability.

Pro Intraday is an intensive online course for 2-3 weeks followed by scanner LIVE classes for 3 months. It ensures 95% of accuracy in one day trading by using the strategies taught by our instructors. Our powerful stock scanner helps in choosing the right stocks that can run for the whole day. It emphasises on the techniques of minimising the impact of risks and maximising the overall profitability.


Pro Intraday Course makes you enter the professional world of Intraday trading with our intense training approach. The course is exclusively designed for those seeking to become the master of Intraday trading and learn powerful market strategies for maximised income. The 12 weeks intense online LIVE training classes help in knowing the market risks and manage them like an expert stock trader.

Our exclusive course content includes scanner, developed by our well-experienced team of stock traders. It helps in identifying right stocks for intraday trading with low risk of losses and maximised return. With thorough training sessions on technical and market analysis, the learners gain ability to enter the right stocks, make money and exit within a day.

Key Takeaways
Comprehensive knowledge about stock market

Pro Intraday is an all-inclusive online course for learners at beginner and intermediate level to become expert in the world of stock trading. They get extensive knowledge about Positional Trading/ Intraday Trading/ Technical Analysis/ Stock Selection.

Access to exclusive techniques and strategies

It is one of its kind online course for learning Intraday Trading. Designed by the best share market training institute in Gurgaon, the course helps the learners in recognising unidirectional trades from very early morning itself.

LIVE market training

Our practical training approach involves full 3 months intense training in the LIVE market from 9:15 am to 10:15 am.

Strong money management lessons

Our expert intraday trading experts instils strong money management skills in learners. They assist them in formulating sound risk management strategies to minimize losses.

Exclusive Private Scanners

As part of the Pro Intraday course, each learner will be given access to the private scanners developed by our team of stock trading experts after a thorough research. These scanners help in identifying the right stocks for Intraday trading.

Premium Advisory Services

Right after joining the course, the learners will become a part of our Premium Stock Advisory Services for 6 months that will enable them to start recovering their money immediately.

Who can enrol for the course?

The Pro Intraday Course at SMTIIndia equips the learners with substantial Intraday trading skills to make money in just one day. The online course is intended to target individuals who want to become a successful Intraday trader and make consistent income. Additionally, those who are already a stock market advisor, stock broker or want to become a successful professional trader can enrol for the course.

What's included:

Pro Intraday Course is an exclusive online course designed to become the master of Intraday trading. It involves deep understanding of day trading strategies, technical analysis and money management. It also includes the following for mastering the skills of Intraday trading:

  • LIVE training classes
  • Customised private scanners
  • Premium Advisory services
  • Interactive learning sessions with real market situations
  • Complimentary membership for RockStar Group & All in one course
  • Customized Screeners
Lessons: ( 50 )
NFTY 01 - Introduction to Nifty 30:46 Hrs
NFTY 02 - Nifty and its correlation with its secto 21:27 Hrs
NFTY 03 - Nifty’s historical data of range, PE rat 38:26 Hrs
NFTY 04 - Research Homework on Nifty 06:37 Hrs
NFTY 05 - Research Homework Solution 11:43 Hrs
NFTY 06 - Factors that decide the nifty movement 30:46 Hrs
NFTY 07 - Important money making Candle Stick Patt 01:19:28 Hrs

The Pro Intraday Trading online course is specifically designed for those seeking to master the techniques of making money in one day. Offered by the best stock market training institute in Gurgaon, the online course is exclusively structured with unique day trading strategies and techniques. Our Live training sessions equip the learners with professional skills of day trading strategies while managing market risks by doing technical analysis for the trade.

At SMTIIndia, we help the learners in identifying the right stocks for day trading that can offer high returns in a short span of a single day time. Our unique stock scanner enables the learners to identify profit making stocks early in the morning itself, make money and exit on the same day. We have adopted a step by step training approach for the learners to help them in understanding the basics of day trading and strategies to deal with market risks.

Course For Beginners

By Stock Pro Institute

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Duration : - 3 Month
Certification : - Yes
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Make informed investment decisions across equity, commodity, and currency segments with our specific event-based daily,
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