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This course teaches you to build your own system, configure it directly from the code. Don't worry if you are not a programmer.we will teach you python from scratch and make sure you dont need any help at the end of the course but if you do, we are always there to help. 

The aim of this course is not to reinvent the weels by coding the indicator from scratch or spending lots of time wrangling with the data from the data source.  we aim to use good tools to get alerts triggered into our system and strategy optimization.

Beauty of this course is you pay near zero server cost as we teach you how to build a serverless solution.


The course is Divided into 8 Modules For a Duration of 16 hours, Where you will be trained by person who have build algo trading system for HFT firms.

Module 01- Python for Basics

Module 02- Advance Pytho topics

Module 03- Analysing data in pandas(Nifty last 10 years of data)

Module 04- MongoDB setup

Module 05- Storing and retrieving data from MongoDB

Module 06- Building your Algo system using AWS API Gateway and Lambda

Module 07- Creating telegram bots 

Module 08- Hacks(free data, free APIs)

Module 09- Setting up cronjobs at a specific time for your algo

S1: Basics of python variable, operators

S2: Python strings, List, tuples, loops, conditional statements

S3: More on list, tuples, variable arguments, dictionary, sets

S4: Basic of APIs, Datetime, Pandas, Data Analysis with pandas, Data cleaning

S5: Advance Pandas, Plotting and visualization

S6: MongoDB, Postman

S7: Algo Automation, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Cloudwatch

S8: Telegram Bots, Cronjobs, Hacks for Data and APIs  



Six months free access to PythonPro course.

6 Weeks Intense Live Classes.

Classes in Flexible Timings after working hours.

Even if you miss a class you will get the recording.

You can repeat the course up-to 6 months.

Access to Premium Paid PythonPro Tools(lifetime access).

6 Months LIVE Support.

Very active Discussion forum for SMTI's PythonPro Course Members.

Suitable foe all those Who are students or working professionals.


Course For Beginners

By Stock Pro Institute

( Inclusive of GST )
Duration : - 3 Month
Certification : - Yes
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"Live Webinars helped me to shine a light into the dark corners of my knowledge gaps. I can now develop apps more confidently with the new knowledge I gained here."

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