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A course to make you an expert, independent investor and trader in Stock Market. You will be trained to become a professional trader from the beginner level. This course starts from beginner level and takes you to a professional level trader. After learning and practicing this course, you will be able to generate consistent income for rest of your life. You will be given 3-4 Weeks intense training classes and you will be mentored by established experts in stock market. Hand-holding will be done through a very active trader's forum for the next 6 months. Members will be provided powerful trades (Intraday & Positional Both ) for 3 months and Premium Research for the next 6 months. Course members will also be provided powerful StockPro Scanners for trading & Unique StockPro-Setups.


SMART-MONEY MULTIPLIER COURSE offers the members to commence from beginner level and leads to a professional level trader.Members will be provided with powerful trades (Intraday & Positional). The inbuilt course provides powerful scanners for trading & unique Setups.

1. 4-5 Weeks Live Classes

2. Post Completion Of The Classes, Members will get Stock Selection & trading sessions with Mentor.

3. Access of Premium Intraday & Positional Calls to the course Members.

4. You Can Repeat The Course Up-To Next 6 months (which means You can attend future batches upto next 6 months).

5. 6 Months Live Support

6. Members Will Be Part Of SMTI India Forum.

7. All In one Trading Course(Technical Analysis Course) will be given as complimentary

Key Takeaways


Special SMTI India Trading Set-Ups

Special SMTI India Trading Set-Ups Researched, Invented & Tested in various market conditions By Dr Seema Jain. Special setup that is developed after 20 years of research & hard work by Dr Seema Jain. We provide you setup which will give you jump start in doing technical analysis for Intraday & Positional both.

Intraday Strategies

Special Price Action Intraday Strategies By Mr Bhavneet Singh (StockPro Trainer/ Mentor & Master Scalper).

Market trends Identification

Approved by more than 5000 members and back-tested proven strategies that will help you in making consistent money in market.

Powerful scanner for stock identification

Even after knowing Technical analysis, Most of the People fail here only, But with StockPro You will not. We will teach you about the right Entry & Exit in stocks and How to Identify the correct trend and make instant profits and exit.

Who can enrol for the course?

The Smart Money Multiplier Course is suitable for those seeking to make their career in the domain of stock market. The online course helps the individuals in becoming the master of share trading by mastering the skills of Positional Trading, Intraday Trading, Technical Analysis and Stock Selection. Any individual who want to be a successful Intraday trader, stock market advisor, stock broker or investor, can take up this course.

What's included:

What This Course Includes (Course Is Divided In Three Parts):

Part A- Positional Trading Course::

  • Stock Market for Beginners.
  • Secrets of Candlesticks.
  • Special SMTI India Positional Setups for few days/ weeks and few months.
  • Learning of Positional Trading Course based on Technical and Price Analysis.
  • Live Stock Selection for Positional Trades.

Part B- Price Action & Intraday Strategies:

  • Introduction to Price Action Theory.
  • Understanding Demand and Supply Zones Using Price and Volume.
  • Understanding Fake and real breakouts.
  • Understanding Trend Reversal & Continuation.
  • SMTI India Special Price Action Strategies.
  • Introduction to Scalping Using Price Action.
  • SMTI India Unique Set-Up for Intraday Scalping in Nifty & BankNifty.

Part C- Options Writing Course (Options Buying and Selling Both)

  • Option Basics- Option Terminologies, ITM, ATM, OTM, Option Premium, Option Writing, Historical Volatility, Implied Volatility, Option Greeks (Delta, Theta, and Vega).
  • In-depth knowledge of Options, Call-Put, Factors impacting option pricing, their Greeks, Premium ITM, ATM, OTM.
  • Implied Volatility & Historical Volatility.
  • Option Writing Strategies for Regular Monthly Return.
  • Neutral Strategies, Directional Strategies, Fire Fighting, Option Adjustment.
  • Neutral Strategies- Master Non Directional Strategies.
  • Directional Strategies- Mastering Directional Strategies (Bullish & Bearish).
  • Adjusting Trade- How to adjust strategies to protect current profits?
  • How to adjust strategies to minimize loss, If Trade goes against us?
Lessons: ( 50 )
NFTY 01 - Introduction to Nifty 30:46 Hrs
NFTY 02 - Nifty and its correlation with its secto 21:27 Hrs
NFTY 03 - Nifty’s historical data of range, PE rat 38:26 Hrs
NFTY 04 - Research Homework on Nifty 06:37 Hrs
NFTY 05 - Research Homework Solution 11:43 Hrs
NFTY 06 - Factors that decide the nifty movement 30:46 Hrs
NFTY 07 - Important money making Candle Stick Patt 01:19:28 Hrs

Smart Money Multiplier Course is designed and offered exclusively by SMTI India, one of the best share market training institutes in Gurgaon. It helps in mastering the expert techniques and skills of stock trading through extensive LIVE market training sessions. With detailed lessons on Positional Trading/ Intraday Trading/ Technical Analysis/ Stock Selection, the learners are able to formulate wealth building strategies for their own investments and their clients.

The Smart Money Multiplier Course helps in becoming the master of stock trading by acquiring real world exposure in buying and selling of stocks or commodities. Our expert instructors lay extra emphasis on learning money management and risk management lessons to reduce the chances of losses and maintain the probability of maximised profitability. Right after joining the course, the learners become the part of our Premium Advisory Services for 6 months that result in their quick money recovery.

Course For Beginners

By Stock Pro Institute

( Inclusive of GST )
Duration : - 3 Month
Certification : - Yes
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Make informed investment decisions across equity, commodity, and currency segments with our specific event-based daily,
weekly, and monthly reports.

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